There Is No Such Thing as Universal

By Alexandria Farris While listening to the speakers today a thought that kept coming to mind was how often one person's idea of what's best for someone else isn't actually what's best for that person. [...]

One of the Best Learning Experiences of My Life!

By Adnan Al-Hammody Today’s lectures at the Sarajevo Symposium were among the densest yet most interesting ones I have ever had in my life! The amount of information I learned was just colossal. [...]

Sarajevo Symposium – Day 2

By Philippa Meikle On the morning of the second day of the Symposium, all 31 participants and staff members engaged in an exercise run by Deborah Mancini which aimed at broadening our perspectives of governance and [...]

Sarajevo Symposium – Day 1

By Alexandria Farris The first day of the Sarajevo symposium introduced the complexity of post-conflict societies. At first glance, a post-conflict transition may appear as a somewhat generalizable idea that all post-conflict transitions [...]

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