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In partnership with the Colombian Army and a high-level Consortium of local and international NGOs, governmental institutions, academia and multilateral institutions, the 2019 Colombia Symposium on Coordinated Stabilization and Peacebuilding will bring together carefully selected international participants and an unparalleled team of international and local experts. The Symposium will provide 16 days of advanced training on security, governance, rule of law, economics and social well-being in stabilization environments. Participants will be able to identify best practices currently emerging in Colombia and compare them to current practice in South Sudan, Syria, and others. Guided by national and international leaders in thought and practice, participants will engage in a mix of lectures, discussion groups, site visits, and experiential exercises to apply knowledge and skills to simulated real-life scenarios.

WITNESS HISTORY FROM THE FRONT ROW! The Colombia Symposium will also include exclusive admission to a concurrent two-day invite-only 300+ person national-level conference (called “the most important stabilization event in Colombia this year” by senior-level military leadership). Symposium participants will interact directly with Colombia’s top leaders in government, military, academia, business, and civil society as they collectively chart a coordinated path forward for peace in the country.

You will receive a Certificate in “Coordinated Stabilization & Peacebuilding” upon completion of the course.  You may choose to undertake additional rigorous assignments in order to earn a Certificate in “Coordinated Stabilization & Peacebuilding with Distinction.”

All academic content, materials, in-country transportation, special events, and lunch/coffee for the three-week training are included in the fee.

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A curriculum firmly grounded in experiential education.

IPSI’s methodology stresses hands-on experiential learning where global participants have the opportunity to actually make the decisions faced by current leaders. Through formal lectures, site visits, and interactive simulations and workshops, attendees gain the skills necessary to strengthen legitimate institutions and governance to provide security, justice, and development and break cycles of violence; skills that are instrumental in ensuring long-term stability and preventing conflicts from recurring.

A Typical Day in Bogota
2019 Symposium Agenda

The world’s most informed and talented faculty. 

The Colombia Symposium is an exceptional classroom experience.  Our participants learn directly about the realities of stabilization from the field’s most accomplished academics and practitioners who teach using their personal on-the-ground experience.  There are ample opportunities to interact with our world-renowned faculty outside the classroom including formal student-speaker dinners, informal meals and coffees, and site visits. Many of our participants also stress how much they learn from their peers. Our “Unconferences” and “P2Ps” provide peer learning opportunities that spark deeper conversations and action-oriented thinking. [pictured left: IPSI Participant, Dana Ghazi, with Dr. Ejup Ganić, Former President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipović, Former President of Croatia]

2019 Faculty

Father Leonel Narváez (PhD)
President, Fundación para la Reconciliación

Father Francisco De Roux
President, Colombian Truth Commission

Dr. Eduardo Pizarro Leongómez
Presiding Member, National Commission for Reparation and Reconciliation of Colombia (CNRR) as a delegate of the Vice President of Colombia 2005-2009

Major General Nicacio Martínez-Espinel
Commander, Colombian National Army

Dr. Rodrigo Uprimny
Former Member of  the Constitutional Court; Former Director of DeJusticia

Academic Co-Coordinator
Gabriel Murillo Castano
Professor (r)/Former Chair, Political Science Department, Los Andes University

Academic Co-Coordinator
Coronel David Andres Rodriguez
President of the Armed Forces National Network of Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and International Law of Armed Conflicts (DICA)

Dr. Hind Kabawat
Deputy Head, Syrian Negotiations Commission Office (SNC), Geneva Mission; Former Member of the High Negotiation Committee at the Syrian Peace Talks

María Victoria Llorente
Director, Fundación Ideas para la Paz

John Prendergast
Founding Director, The Enough Project

Joshua Mitrotti 
Former General Director, Colombian Agency for Reintegration

General Javier Ayala Amaya 
Head of the Colombian National Army Integral Legal Department

Dean Piedmont
Senior Business Development Advisor on Security Transitions, Creative Associates International

Dr. Valerie Rosoux
Professor of International Negotiation, University of Louvain

Dr. Javier Gustavo Rincón
Director, Military Criminal Law Observatory, Javeriana Pontifical University

Luc Lapointe
CEO & Founder, The Blended Capital Lab

Dr. Paula Comellas Angulo
Professor of Legal Theory and Ethics, Los Andes University

Colonel Christopher Holshek
U.S. Army Civil Affairs (Ret.), Senior Fellow, Alliance for Peacebuilding and Senior Civil-Military Advisor, Narrative Strategies

Paula Andrea Monroy
Director, Fundación para la Reconciliación

Diego Bautista
Former Adviser, Colombian High Commissioner for Peace Office

His Excellency Ambassador Opdahl
Norway Embassy in Colombia (invited)


“The Colombia Stabilization Symposium provides an innovative approach to the study of global peace-building. The program will study lessons learned from the Colombian peace negotiation process (among other case studies), its achievements and obstacles, and will also put emphasis  on the issue of stabilization as a key component to better comprehend and confront the complexities of post-conflict or transitioning contexts.”

Gabriel Murillo Castaño, Academic Co-Coordinator

Event Space: Calvary School, Bogota

The Colombia Symposium on Coordinated Stabilization and Peacebuilding will be held at the Cavalry School located at the foothills of the Bogotá Mountains. The Cavalry School transforms the minds and culture of young soldiers within the principles of military doctrine, including respect, organization and leadership, with a special focus on engagement in science, technology and international relations.

Student-Trainer Network

By connecting participants to one another and to leading experts, IPSI provides an active and on-going forum for our alumni.  Relying on the power of dialogue, networking, and collaboration inherent in our programming, IPSI catalyzes constructive discussions regarding peacemaking, peacebuilding, and human security.  Through the diverse skills and regional expertise of its vast network, IPSI strives to be at the forefront of thought leadership in Peace & Security.  In addition, IPSI’s Staff, Boards, and lecturers are available to help you plan and execute long-term career goals.

Application Process

STUDENT SELECTIONThe IPSI Colombia Symposium will attract a diverse and accomplished cohort from across the globe, especially peace and security leaders from conflict and post-conflict countries. A balanced and effective group draws from a broad spectrum of regions, religions, and ethnicities. IPSI accepts professionals and graduate students based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Stellar academic and/or professional achievement
  • Keen interest in Peace & Security
  • Proven record of leadership positions
  • Experience in/with government agencies
  • Passion for learning

NEW! Successful applicants that attend the Symposium have the option to be added to the internal professional employment/consultant roster of IPSI’s sister organization Creative Associates International. As alumni, you will have the inside track for jobs in one of the most well respected and successful international development firms in the world.

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HOW TO APPLY: To be considered for participation, you will need to provide the following materials via our online application form:

  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
  • Short essay (1,200 characters or 5-7 sentences) on
    • WHY you would like to attend the Colombia Symposium & WHAT you intend to do with the training received
  • $10 application fee

Costs & Deadlines: IPSI accepts applications on a rolling basis (acceptances are merit-based and spots are limited). Your fee includes all academic content, materials, in-country transportation, special events, and lunch/coffee for the three-week training. In addition, you will gain VIP access to the two-day invite-only national-level Symposium on Stabilization. Fees do not include airfare or accommodations. A block of rooms is booked at a nearby hotel for interested participants; transportation to and from the training venue will depart from the hotel each morning and drop-off there each evening.

Fee: $3,000

Unfortunately, the deadline to apply for scholarships has passed. 

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