A Reflection: Getting Real


by Kristy Dinsmoor, United States of America  Wednesday - We are in the second day of a 3 day simulation and it has gotten real. A fictitious country is in the midst of a civil war and [...]

A Reflection: Getting Real2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

A Tale of Many Interests


Natalia Montano Hernandez, Mexico “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was [...]

A Tale of Many Interests2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

In the Midst of Chaos


by Sarthak Maggon, India Leaving personalities out of negotiations is what yields constructive results. But that remains a major flaw in the concept of international conflict resolution, the existence of a plethora of interests. Yesterday began yet [...]

In the Midst of Chaos2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Many Things Are Sinking Deeper, Becoming clearer


by Wanja Munaita, Kenya/Canada “To bring peace through justice” This was a statement made by a participant in the documentary War Don Don, which we watched at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Is that possible in our [...]

Many Things Are Sinking Deeper, Becoming clearer2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Reporting from Cairo


by Kristy Dinsmoor, United States of America Today our guest speaker, photojournalist Keith Lane, gave us an appreciation for the invisible people behind the scenes who put themselves at risk (in more ways than one), in a search [...]

Reporting from Cairo2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Mission Impossible


by Melissa Gregg, United Kingdom Ambassador Jacques Paul Klein is a man with rich and pragmatic advice to give: “don’t mistake enthusiasm for competence”, “if you continue to ride a dead horse, don’t expect it to take [...]

Mission Impossible2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Getting Real


Kristy Dinsmoor, United States of America In a field driven by donor expectations and feel good projects, we often see good intentions produce negative effects. There are often gaps between academic theory and practical application. Today our [...]

Getting Real2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Validity of the Court


by Anna Farrant, Australia  My partner recently said that The Hague is like ‘Disney Land for lawyers’, and if that’s true then the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia is surely one of its most [...]

Validity of the Court2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

A Wealth of Knowledge


by Ben Kissin, United States of America  The 2013 Hague Symposium has been a great experience so far, and there has been a wealth of knowledgeable speakers who have lectured for us. Today’s speaker was former [...]

A Wealth of Knowledge2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

The ICTY Case Study


by Alex Raleigh, United States of America As I completed the readings in preparation for today’s case study on the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), I realized I knew almost nothing about the conflict. Nevertheless, after four [...]

The ICTY Case Study2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Transitional justice: From Theory to Practice


by Marni Manning, Australia While our initial week introduced the fundamentals of transitional justice and peace building, Monday’s guest presenters, Dr Derick Brinkerhoff and Dr Francesc Vendrell, provided unique insights into the practical realities associated [...]

Transitional justice: From Theory to Practice2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Governance & Its Discontents


Troy Powell, Canada Our breakout discussions were quite interesting and covered a wide gamut of topics. If I were to identify an overarching theme I would say it was globalization. A topic that evoked a protean [...]

Governance & Its Discontents2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

Week One Recap


by Joelle Thibault, Canada Wednesday at The Hague symposium, the class went downtown to the Leiden University, where we joined our guest speaker Dov Jacobs. He is an Assistant Professor in International Law at the Grostius Centre. [...]

Week One Recap2017-09-01T16:46:09-05:00

ICC : I went, I Saw, I Learned!


Yabah Berthe Bognini, Ivory Coast The fourth day of the symposium began with a field trip at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the ICC and [...]

ICC : I went, I Saw, I Learned!2017-09-01T16:46:10-05:00

Mapping the Framework for Holistic Transitions


by Wanja Munaita, Kenya/Canada From Australia to Cameroon, India to the United States, we gathered  yesterday with much anticipation for the first lecture of what has been defined as “an intense but fun & fulfilling” month at the [...]

Mapping the Framework for Holistic Transitions2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00