Graduation Student Keynote Address.


by Vic Crawford, New Zealand It is an honour and a privilege to share my graduation address as the final entry for the 2011 IPSI Bologna blog. Friend Do you remember that wild stretch of [...]

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Getting to Agreement.


by Amy Thomson, New Zealand Three days of trying to end the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict (in our universes this equated to about 20days) and I’m shattered. Acting on behalf of a small nation without international recognition [...]

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Unsettled Channels.


by Shalva Dzidziguri, Republic of Georgia. While talking about the simulation “Unsettled Channels” over the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia during the introduction of the IPSI program on the first day of the symposium, Cameron [...]

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Dang It Feels Good to be a Peace Nerd.


by Charly Jaffe, United States of America Last night when I called home, my mother asked what I had done today. “Just started a three day attempt at solving the Abkhazian-Georgian conflict,” I replied, “No [...]

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The ICC.


by Catarina Stewart, Portugal On Friday morning we had Dr. Rod Rastan, a legal adviser for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) come and speak to us.  After a brief [...]

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The Truth We Are Looking For.


By: Lina Imran, Ethiopia What an amazing Thursday! With a very interesting lectures from William Stuebner and Dr. Valerie Rosoux who have so much experience in the field of Peace and Security, DDR, and Reconciliation. [...]

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Faith, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.


by Chané Ramadahya, South Africa In response to a lecture by Valérie Rosoux In our continued search for the global resolution of conflict, we have fortunately progressed from seeking solutions that are universally applicable to [...]

Faith, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.2017-09-01T16:46:17-05:00

Applying Theory.


by Jose Belo, East Timor I came to this year’s symposium with the conviction that the event will hopefully enrich my insights and knowledge as well as validate my hands-on experience gained in my work [...]

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The Unconference.


by Sascha Nanlohy, Australia The Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu is based on a simple premise. A person is a person through other people. The IPSI symposium I believe is based on a similar premise [...]

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Afghan Local Police.


by Ahmadullah Archiwal, Afghanistan In response yesterday’s lecture by A. Heather Coyne The police, besides the judiciary offices, is considered to be one of the most corrupt institutions in Afghanistan. When people in Afghanistan talk [...]

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Deconstructing Conflict.


by Lilia Aguilar, Mexico I remember when I first arrived to the symposium I told my friend, and current employer, I have no idea what “peacemaking” is, but what I do know is violence and [...]

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Ideas into Reality.


by Colleen McQuade, U.S.A. Since the beginning of my academic and professional career in the field of peace and conflict resolution I have felt a tension between ideology and business. Being a former hippie myself [...]

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Florence Negotiation “Skills-Trip”.


by Maria Masullo, Italy Over the weekend we had the opportunity to visit Florence for a different experience: a field trip. Once in Florence, this caravan of young peace builders headed towards Palazzo della Signoria, [...]

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A Broader Vision.


By Yuliya Chorna, Ukraine Before arriving to Bologna I read through the participants’ bios and wondered how the Bologna Symposium would meet the expectations of such a diverse group of people. As we are diverse [...]

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Negotiation Tool Kit.


by Charlotte Nicol, UK/Australia At the end of an intense week of the skills training and speaker presentations which made up our second week here in Bologna, I know I am not the only one [...]

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by Nirmanusan Balasundaram, Sri Lanka Since the beginning of the IPSI program, I began to feel the emergence of a special energy within myself. I entered into Johns Hopkins, SAIS auditorium last Friday filled in [...]


Beyond the Classroom.


by Luna Kalas, Bosnia Although it is amazing to have an opportunity to listen and work with people like Betty Bigombe, Álvaro de Soto and Anthony Wanis-St. John, it is even a greater opportunity to [...]

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Elevating My Game.


by Charly Jaffe, U.S.A. Before recalling the events of the day, I must make a confession: I am a bit of a rookie at this conference. And I like it. Instead of sitting in class [...]

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A Full Day Indeed.


by Sascha Nanlohy, Australia Rather than discussing, as I am sure many will, the amazing training given by Dr. Wanis-St. John and the incisive analysis of Joyce Neu I would like to speak about the [...]

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Rebuilding the Bridge.


by Maddy Bowditch, Australia I arrived at the SAIS Bologna Centre Yesterday at 7:59, albeit bleary eyed, eager to begin our first day of Negotiation Skills Training with Dr. Anthony Wanis-St John. My excitement was [...]

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It’s the Simple Things.


by Ryan Bennett, U.S.A. When hearing about international crises, large or small, I have always had a tendency to imagine the negotiations and meditations surrounding them as complex, yet elegant processes that pull together all [...]

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Leading Styles.


by Matt Mason, U.S.A. Yesterday we heard from Susan Collin Marks, the senior vice president of Search for Common Ground (SFCG), an organization that works to transform the way the world defines conflict. Marks defined [...]

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The Call.


by Dana Higgins Called to attention by Tibetan bells, we began the last day of training with Search for Common Ground.  It was a very introspective day, focused on the qualities of leadership and how [...]

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Power, Purpose and Passion.


by Amy Thomson “We give away our power when we tie our well-being to outcomes that are outside our control,” Susan Collin Marks. This is just one of the many ideas I have gained out [...]

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Leadership Development.


by Ulf Jakobsson On Tuesday, Susan Collin Marks and Serena Rix Tripathee of Search for Common Ground, together with the participants, completed the two-day session on Leadership Development. The trainers engagingly shared with us some [...]

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Search on the Ground.


by Annie van Hees We have been hearing about the inspirational John Marks and Susan Collin Marks since we arrived at IPSI a little over one week ago today. The brains, heart, and soul of [...]

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Lessons Learned.


by Matt Adamczyk Michael Shipler and Rajendra Mulmi from Search for a Common Ground picked up right where they left off this morning, and like all day Thursday, did not disappoint. Drawing on their years [...]

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Lectures, simulations and gelato, oh My!


by Sonia Bianchi As we start the second week of the IPSI Bologna Symposium a week in retrospect feels more like a month already! With a packed schedule, days and now weeks seemingly fly by [...]

Lectures, simulations and gelato, oh My!2017-09-01T16:46:19-05:00

Step back to go Forward.


by Amy Thomson This first week has packed my brain full of new ideas and challenged the ideas that had filled it before. From traditional lectures on concepts such as the responsibility to protect and [...]

Step back to go Forward.2017-01-26T17:24:31-05:00

Deconstructing Conflict.


by Vic Crockford Our time with Michael and Rejendra from Search For Common Ground inspired me write again. In particular, I want to discuss social structures after having what we were talking about as an [...]

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by Catrin Morris Today was a refreshing change after almost three days of intense lectures. The trainers from Search for Common Ground effectively used the space of the whole lecture theatre and engaged IPSI students right [...]


Day Two: Looking Ahead.


by Vic Crockford Yesterday was the second day of the IPSI Bologna Symposium. Wow. Personally, I feel like I have been here so much longer - the ideas that have been sparked in my brain, [...]

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First Day of Class.


by Sonia Bianchi What an excellent first day of the Bologna Symposium! We have begun our first week focusing on Conflict Prevention, with lectures from Dr. I. William Zartman and Dr. Francis Deng. Two excellent [...]

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Responsibility to Protect.


by Lina Imran   John Hopkins professor William Zartman and the Under-Secretary General, Special Adviser for the  prevention of Genocide Dr. Francis M. Deng conducted a lecture on issues of Diagnosing Conflict/Primary Drivers: A Theoretical [...]

Responsibility to Protect.2017-09-01T16:46:20-05:00

Ready, Set, Go.


by Mia Anderson Hinn   Today… listening to Dr. William Zartman and Dr (& Ambassador) Francis Deng and the questions of my colleagues, I could only think about the importance of stories, of myths (personal, [...]

Ready, Set, Go.2017-09-01T16:46:21-05:00

A Message from the President of IPSI


Hello from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Center in Bologna, Italy! The 2011 Bologna Symposium will offer an unprecedented line-up of the world's top academics, practitioners, and advocates, and we want to make sure those not present at the program [...]

A Message from the President of IPSI2017-09-01T16:46:21-05:00