Saturday, July 3 – Venice day trip

IMG_1380 copy 2 Many students took advantage of our second weekend in Italy, and trips spread out across the peninsula from Florence to Milan.  Another group bound for Venice truly defined the global reach of the IPSI program: two Pakistanis, one Ugandan, one American, and one Mauritanian who also happened to be the Special Representative for the UN Secretary-General for Somalia.

Upon arriving at the train station in Venice, we set out on a walking tour that we had memorized from a guidebook and wandered about the city in a clockwise fashion.  It was everyone’s first time in Venice but we had only planned for a day trip.  Our destinations were curtailed to visiting the Old Jewish Ghetto, a few prominent churches along the way, admiring islands of San Michelle and San Giorgio Maggiore from a distance, and of course the Basilica of San Marco.

IMG_1384 copy 2

The day was quite hot and a few of us were forced to retire early from our voyage.  The relentless sun, however, made up for its oppressive heat by giving us an abundance of beautiful pictures.  The IPSI program’s location in Bologna is truly ideal for visiting Italy’s amazing cities.

Benjamin Greenlee, USA


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