Thursday, June 24 – Conflict Prevention

IMG_5534 This is a tip on Conflict Prevention/ summary, Looking at some root causes.

Let us now extricate ourselves from the history of conflict and embark upon a discussion of the religious and cultural dimension of the conflict. I must stress that we are not leaving behind the politics and the political struggle delineated in the history of the conflict. To the contrary, we must hold on to this information as the marriage between religious and politics in the presence of a conflict has been long established. In fact, they are there most intimate of bedfellows. This relationship can be witnessed throughout history, even today in the conflict of Israel and Palestine and the conflict in Ireland.

Here we see the two so intertwined that it becomes near impossible to examine the conflicts and find one element with the other; religion and politics are invariable tied to each other. We also see how these inevitable links can explode in violence. And although the combination does not always produce violence and this mixture certainly not only causes violence, it is undoubtedly one of causes of conflict. It is important to note that religion does not play as large of a role in conflict as it does in the aforementioned examples.

Recently, it has been argued that religion has a much more theoretical role in causing conflict. Pioneered by Stephen Ellis, theory hypothesizes that conflict is at least partially driven by the character of religious culture.

Richelieu Wollor, Liberia