Thursday, June 24 – Conflict Prevention

DSC01916 Hello From Bologna!

Today, the Simulation was completely different than conventional learning approach. Yes, we all interacted constructively to explore the way to stop violence and facilitate peace in a fragile political situation that engulfed particularly the Central Europe and generally the human community of the world. Of course, every conflict is unique so is its solution. Implementing previous ideas or models is simply a waste of time –a “reproducing of records”. Hence we worked hard to transcend the limitation of earlier models and arrived to a point of agreement acceptable to all.

However, the agreement was not free from criticism. Regional power tried to seek solution in a way to maintain status quo, whereas other emerging powers pushed the discussion to explore alternatives. Finally the discussion was able to broaden the shadow of the future and ensure human dignity in the conflict situation.

It is really fantastic!

A constructive dialogue can transform the relationship the way an innovative idea can change the world.


Bimal Dahal, Nepal