Hello from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Center in Bologna, Italy!

The 2012 Bologna Symposium will offer an unprecedented line-up of the world’s top academics, practitioners, and advocates, and we want to make sure those not present at the program can experience the month along with the 50 participants from over 30 countries fortunate enough to be here.  IPSI will ask the attendees to write about their experiences, both positive and challenging, in this blog.  It is our hope that this page captures personal snapshots of the lectures, workshops, trainings, and out-of-class experiences that shape the class of 2012.

In addition, IPSI staff in collaboration with the 2012 Symposium participants will live tweet the entire event using the hash tag #ipsibologna.  You can expect to see interesting quotes and notable experiences all spelled out in 140 characters or less!  You can choose to follow IPSI on Twitter @IPSInstitute.

Again, we hope you find this blog space interesting and educational.  As always, please feel free to contact us with any of your comments.

Cameron M. Chisholm

International Peace & Security Institute