by Jenn Buxton, Canada

I can’t believe we are starting our last week; the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” really stands true at IPSI. I have appreciated all the speakers and trainers, as well as, the great new friends that I have made to increase my “peace nerd” network.

On Friday, we finished up our time with the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict. Throughout our two days with ICNC the common theme was the power and the strength in nonviolent resistance, and it helps explain the success of nonviolent resistance movements versus violent resistance movements. Some of the highlights of Friday include Jack DuVall’s talk in the morning regarding conflict and nonviolent resistance; we again heard the theme of power in nonviolent resistance and the challenge to the media’s view of power in violence. After this we heard from Mary King regarding the role of women in civil resistance, and I was surprised to learn about the great achievements of women in many of the resistances that are well known today.

Manciej Bartkowski and Mary King then worked together in discussing the Arab Awakening, a term that Mary uses instead of Arab Spring. The discussion focused on Tunisia and then Egypt. The role of civil society in the changing of these regimes is astounding, and really shows the power of nonviolent resistance. One story was of protestors in Egypt fighting with the police, and then having other protestors stand between the police and the violent protestors to keep the resistance nonviolent. I love stories that restore my faith in the ability of humans to prevent and stop violence.

The two days spent with ICNC were phenomenal and I hope they attend again to impart their knowledge in fitting all the pieces of conflict resolution together!