by Ana Valeria, Bolivia

After an almost sleepless night, partially because of the reading, partially because of the geek inside anxiously awaiting 8 a.m., and surely the thought of maybe not living up to the standards of our roles…the anticipated meeting on Monday commenced.

At first we were all very suspicious of one another’s intentions, and none of us was totally aware of the intensity of the process we were to undertake. We felt a little relieved when the option to strategically meet with your partners in role arose, and from that moment on, we knew there was no going back, we became, for all purposes intended, that person that was outlined in a closed envelope the day before.

In the process of defining ourselves in the role we are developing, we have to be very careful with two main issues. First, trying to separate our personal beliefs from the beliefs of our role, and even more complex, separating own egos, (aside from the character’s one, of course), from the table of negotiations. When this is achieved, the simulation gets a true shade of reality. It will be fair to say that it is very important to define who we are as individuals, and who we are as roles, and this differentiation should be transversal to all aspects of this particular point of the IPSI experience as a whole.

We began to internalize the theory that was provided the past weeks, realizing that we had the tools to proceed in the simulation, and understanding that the trick to it all relays on combing those tools with the changing reality that is presented to us during the course of this experience.