A Random Sign-Up.


by Mariam Metwally, Egypt  When I randomly signed up to write a blog on the 16th of August, I had no idea that I will be writing about, in my opinion, one of the most influencing, [...]

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The Heat Is On.


By Lyn Drummond, Australia The second day of the three day simulation was a very long one. It started just after midnight, then 2am, and 4am as negotiators were hauled from their beds to find out [...]

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Transitioning Kanrayistan – Day 1.


by Ana Valeria, Bolivia After an almost sleepless night, partially because of the reading, partially because of the geek inside anxiously awaiting 8 a.m., and surely the thought of maybe not living up to the standards of [...]

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Jumping Into Action.


by Ruth Murambadoro, Zimbabwe Week four of the Hague Symposium mark the crux of the 30days in Den Haag. Monday's short-course on negotiation came to the test in yesterday's activities as participants had to constantly [...]

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Unfinished Business.


 by, Tina Svalina, Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr. Valerie Rosoux opened our minds and touched our hearts through her presentation  about memory, reconciliation and memorialization. She was able to incorporate all of our ideas  into a structured discussion [...]

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A Day At The STL.


by Isa Bello, Nigeria Today, the Symposium spent the day at the Special Tribunal For Lebanon (STL). The Special Court is indeed unique. It is borne out of an agreement between the Lebanese government and the United [...]

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A Healthy Dose of Cynicism.


by Yooree Lee, Australia 'I'm having a cynical day today', is what I jotted down in my notepad as I sat down to listen to those working within the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. And it soon became [...]

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A Voice For The Victims.


by Karabo Rajuili, South Africa It’s the third week of classes, and second week of tribunal site visits. On the back of visits to the International Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), and the Special Court [...]

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Which Justice? What Justice? Who’s Justice?


by Saskia Nauenberg, United States of America The story of Sierra Leone’s rebel leader Issa Sesay left many of us conflicted: Was it fair? What sentence should he have received? Does the Special Court of Sierra Leone positively [...]

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On Mandates.


by Rosemary Grey, Australia The highlight of Monday's visit to the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) was an insightful address by Brenda Hollis, Chief Prosecutor of SCSL. In a comment that reflected the influence of restorative [...]

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Be Flexible.


by Ruth Murambadoro, Zimbabwe Although Liberia is a founding member of the United Nations and African Union (former Organization for African Union), it has not been spared from the risk of  destabilizing global peace and [...]

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Working Tirelessly.


by Maria Morell, Argentina As days go by, we are going deeper and deeper into the analysis of concrete case studies of post conflict transitions. After reviewing the Argentina transition and the unstopping seek for justice and [...]

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Steep Grade.


by Colina Cole, United States of America The Hague Symposium cohort visited the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ITCY), which was established to prosecute high ranking officials for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia that occurred [...]

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by Melani Van Der Merwe, South Africa The second week of The Hague Symposium has been amazing yet emotionally taxing and gripping...eye opening! Through the stories and pearls of wisdom shared by some of the [...]


Reconciliation Achieved – Problem Solved.


by Jesse Delbridge, South Africa A difficult combination to achieve simultaneously is integration and self-determination,  especially considering that precious little economic integration has taken place since the  fall of the old regime. Whilst the transitional [...]

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Back to the Beginning.


by Jenny Cook, United States of America Yesterday we were privileged to hear from not one but two world leaders in transitional justice. It was a great crossroad between two very important subjects: justice and truth. [...]

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What We Do Affects the Whole World.


by Katherine Stodulka, Australia Pouring rain cannot dampen the friendships that are forming at The Hague Symposium, nor the eagerness to learn new skills and the feeling of privilege to be participating in such a unique [...]

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Facing the Gray.


by Raf Callaerts, Belgium “Everyone say IPSIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” *Click* We are standing on the steps of the Peace Palace, an iconic structure that originated from the ideals of pacifism and world peace, its beautiful hallways, rooms and [...]

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A Little Bias.


by Stephaine Cruise, United States of America What would you rather be doing in the month of July? Away on holiday enjoying the summer solstice or empowering and educating the 2012 Hague Symposium’s future leaders? I [...]

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And So It Begins!


by Lutisha Vickerie, United States of America The 2012 The Hague Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions and International Justice kicked off unofficially on Saturday, July 21st with an informal meet and greet in the square in front of [...]

And So It Begins!2017-09-01T16:46:15-05:00