Tuesday, June 29 – Conflict Resolution

IMG_5339 Today was the second day in our three day training on Negotiating Successfully in an International Context. In the morning we built upon the underlying principles and concepts of negotiation learned the previous day, and in the afternoon we applied this knowledge using an international business-oriented simulation.

Before the simulation, we continued to learn about necessary preparations for the negotiation process and the different levels on which you interact with the other negotiating party. I really enjoyed it and was particularly engaged in the formal process of documenting negotiating objectives and attempting to predict the objectives of the other party. Additionally, learning how to formally develop, categorize, and prioritize specific negotiating issues for use during negotiations was an excellent and necessary addition to my negotiation toolbox. I particularly connected with this part of our negotiation trainings because it relies heavily on investigation and analysis, which fits with my analytical and scientific background.

IMG_5376 The focus on developing interpersonal relationships between negotiation parties and “active listening” resonated strongly with me as well, largely because I understand the value of the approach, but often have a difficult time putting it into action. Both culturally and personally, I have the tendency to “want to get down to business” and avoid relationship building. Learning the steps and process of “active listening” has made it much easier for me to understand and implement that approach.

Lastly, the negotiation simulation was a constructive and fun way to apply the various trainings and teachings, test different approaches and techniques, and develop our confidence as negotiators.

Jason Hicks, USA