Counter-Messaging: Using Traditional and Social Media for CVE

Thurs. & Fri., February 8-9, 2018, 9am-5pm

Description: To effectively prevent and counter violent extremist propaganda, individuals and organizations that work on the PVE/CVE space must be equipped to engage violent extremists, influencers and potential recruits in the digital space through traditional and social media “campaigns” that are built with the same types of tools and techniques used by violent extremists. Social media and traditional media are linked in a way that both complements and reinforces CVE strategies within each channel, and provides an important feedback loop on programmatic effectiveness. This course will enable CVE practitioners and CVE-related organizations to amplify their work through traditional and social media techniques.

Trainers: Sid Balman, Director of Transnational Initiatives, Creative Associates [bio]; Violet Tsagka, Technical Manager, Creative Associates [bio] Fee: $289 Professionals / $259 student rate
Location: 5301 Wisconsin Ave NW #B1, Washington, DC 20015

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