By Gaone Magogwe, Botswana

I arrived in “Bologna la rossa, la grossa, e la dotta” Friday evening from wintery Botswana, smack into 30 degrees IMG_5308-237x300of humid heat… a great welcome for me; I am totally made for summer and have every intension of making the best of these long summer days.

Friday was unpacking day and deciding what to wear on each day of the first week, this is me trying to be organised coz after this, it’s all about PEACE, eat, pray, love…

Let me tell you a bit about orientation, in this order of course:

Eat: there was a lot of good food…PIZZA, snacks, drinks and champagne!

Pray: I decided to make uncle google maps my trusted navigator and I prayed that I would make it to Camplus Bononia for the meet and greet alright (I live in the city centre, my apartment close to SAIS and the best gelato house in Bologna). 15mins after a not so scenic detour aka got a little lost (uncle GM’s wicked sense of humour) I made it to the meet and greet, and as I was so dehydrated, the chapagne was more than welcome.

Love: a room full of nationalities all with a common goal, of peace. Getting to know when each one landed, which airport they flew into, where they come from and what they studied.

Ladies and gentlemen… that was my Saturday!

Sunday was much more delicious than Saturday…. Our day started with a city tour and ended with a great welcome dinner at Pane e Panelle… which turned out to be a great sea food restaurant, yummy!