What Civil Resistance Can Achieve


by SeoHyun Choi, South Korea Suppose there are two different groups of people on the street, protesting against the authoritarian government. One of them is armed and ready to take a violent action; the other is [...]

What Civil Resistance Can Achieve2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00

The Building Blocks of Peace


By Gianina Pellegrini, USA As much as I was looking forward to attending this symposium and knew that I needed to participate in this experience, I truly didn’t know what to expect. The first three [...]

The Building Blocks of Peace2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00

Aligning Business with Passion


By Rebecca Viljoen, South Africa "The world's problems could not be solved by the institutions that created them because these systems were stuck in old ways of thinking. They knew how to make the system [...]

Aligning Business with Passion2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00

International Mediation and Dr. Joyce Neu


By Joanne Cotton, Australia After two privileged days guided by Dr. Joyce Neu, we are now better informed as to what is involved in international mediation and the role of the mediator. As Founder and [...]

International Mediation and Dr. Joyce Neu2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00

Intra-organization Mediation and Negotiation and the Potential of Information for Change


By Carlos Castillo, Colombia  In this blog entry I would like to comment on two different but yet interacting topics. First, the manifestation of conflict during decision-making processes inside organizations (government bureaucracies, NGO staff, diplomatic [...]

Intra-organization Mediation and Negotiation and the Potential of Information for Change2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00

International Mediation Theory


By Abraham Kuol Nyuon, South Sudan Conflict management has become very popular in virtually all national contexts today because conflict is found in all aspects of international relations. The formation of various regional blocks within [...]

International Mediation Theory2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00

UNSCR 1325 Bringing Women to the Table


By Helena Grönberg, Finland “Women bring a different perspective to the table,” said Dr. Joyce Neu during her first day at the 2013 Bologna Symposium. Dr. Neu, a seasoned mediator who has been engaged in [...]

UNSCR 1325 Bringing Women to the Table2017-09-01T16:46:11-05:00

Recognizing Negotiations in Mediation


 By Rohan Thwaites, Australia ‘Mobilize’, ‘instruct’, ‘direct’, ‘guide’ or ‘coordinate’? Negotiations about what might seem semantics to some were the topic of Wednesday’s simulation as member states from the US, UK, USSR, Indonesia, Peru, Tunisia [...]

Recognizing Negotiations in Mediation2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure?


By Fiona Kitavi, Kenya Prevention Conflict, such a simple word. Taken for granted by many whether consciously or unconsciously.  Conflict prevention, conflict resolution and conflict reconciliation all have one thing in common, and for me [...]

An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure?2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

Conflict Prevention and Resolution


By Kishor Silwal, Nepal Conflict is ubiquitous in social relations and among interdependent parties who have different interests, preferences or needs. Thus conflict prevention means different things to different people and there is no single [...]

Conflict Prevention and Resolution2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

Negotiations and Dinner with Betty Bigombe


By William Bejan, USA Although I thought it impossible, the second week in Bologna has possibly surpassed the first! We learned tools of international negotiation from Wilbur Perlot who is a Senior Training and Research [...]

Negotiations and Dinner with Betty Bigombe2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

Facilitation training by Search for Common Ground


By Maaike van Adrichem, The Netherlands Facilitating dialogues to resolve conflict We all know them: the nay-sayers, the know-it-alls, the avoiders and the distractors. On the second day of the facilitation training we were challenged [...]

Facilitation training by Search for Common Ground2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

Facilitation Training: The Art of Perception


By Lauren Hershey, USA Any avowed art aficionado has, at some point, viewed the famous perceptual illusion of the “Young Girl-Old Woman” and has more naturally seen one image over the other. Personally, it doesn’t [...]

Facilitation Training: The Art of Perception2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

Counterfactuals and Peace Simulations


By Nathan Shea, Australia "I strongly urge you all to play your part in ending the potential for future violence and preventing a situation that could lead to mass atrocities. Let us be an example [...]

Counterfactuals and Peace Simulations2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

Peace… Eat, Pray, Love


By Gaone Magogwe, Botswana I arrived in “Bologna la rossa, la grossa, e la dotta” Friday evening from wintery Botswana, smack into 30 degrees of humid heat… a great welcome for me; I am totally [...]

Peace… Eat, Pray, Love2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00

Conflict Prevention and Management


by Lira Duishebaeva, Kyrgyzstan Today we had an amazing experience gaining exposure to some classic distinctions of categorizing causes of conflict presented by P. Terrence Hopmann as part of the lecture on “Primary drivers, Diagnosing [...]

Conflict Prevention and Management2017-09-01T16:46:12-05:00


Hello from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Center in Bologna, Italy! The 2013 Bologna Symposium will offer an unprecedented line-up of the world's top academics, practitioners, and advocates, and we want to make sure those not present at the program [...]