Bosnian Voices in Transitional Times/Voces de Bosnia en Tiempos de Transición

By Pablo Carvajal The experience of taking part in the inaugural Sarajevo Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions has left me with numerous lessons. Firstly, receiving daily stories of the local people and other participants [...]

Frameworks for Accomplishment of Peace Processes

by Daniel Mesa Gómez Conflicts all around the world are composed of complex contexts and different actors. Solutions to such conflicts also need to be complex—involving series of negotiations and multiple implementation stages—and ideally lead [...]

Reimagining Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Philippa Meikle Preface: Participants of the inaugural Sarajevo Symposium were asked to participate in a day-long capstone simulation. All participants were presented with a fictional scenario of Bosnia and Herzegovina, five years in the [...]

The Value of Vulnerability in Negotiations

By Milica Njegovan It is a rare skill to make people laugh and gasp with amusement when speaking about post conflict transition. Hind Kabawat, founder of the Syria Center for Dialogue, Peace and Reconciliation [...]

Disarmament? Demobilization and Reintegration

By Daniel Mesa Gómez The Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) processes are strategies used in United Nations peacebuilding and peacekeeping operations, although they have begun to be used independently by states and other institutions involved [...]

Shaping Peacemakers

by Milicia Njegovan On Monday, July 17th I saw the opening of the International Peace and Security Institute’s (IPSI) inaugural Symposium in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina (BiH). This is the first IPSI symposium [...]

Forgiveness and Hope

By: Karen Fancher The film screening of “Pretty Village” was a profound glimpse into the dynamics of reentering a community after suffering mass atrocities at the hands of one’s neighbors. I was impressed [...]

Creative Transitions in Central Sahel

By Daniel Mesa Gómez Audra Dykman explored a framework to holistic transitions by looking at the Central Sahel region as a case study to reflect on what has to be done in situations where a [...]

Approaches to Security – Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration

By Elliot Short Today’s studies at the 2017 Sarajevo Symposium on Post-Conflict traditions began with a lecture from William Stuebner  (Bill) on Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR). We looked at two case studies [...]

Memory and Reconciliation

By Phillipa Meikle On the last day of the first week of our Symposium, we enjoyed a presentation regarding Memory and Reconciliation from Dr. Sabina Čehajić-Clancy, who is an Associate Professor of Political Psychology, Department [...]

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