Some Food for Thought

Speaker: Dr. Joyce Neu, Yoo-Ji Suh, Republic of Korea Coming to Bologna, I had two goals in mind. I wanted to hear what it was like to be actually involved in international conflict mediation, and

Searching for Self-Reflection

Speakers: John and Susan Collin Marks, by Yusuke Suzuki, Japan This morning Mr. John Marks, the founder and former president of Search for Common Ground (SFCG), discussed “Social Entrepreneurship”; in the afternoon, Ms. Susan Collin

Strategizing Peace in Gloccamora

Speaker: Dr. Joyce Neu, by Lauren Tascona, Canada In our simulation today we grappled with the Gloccamoran conflict: a fictional, post-colonial nation mired in instability and violent conflict, created by Dr. Joyce Neu. IPSI participants

Walking in Tension: Reflections on the Process of Reconciliation

Speaker: Valerie Rosoux, Karen Fancher, United States The Bologna Symposium has been a deeply enriching time, in which we are consistently being challenged to confront the tensions encountered by those seeking to help to foster

Reconciliation and the Path to Peace

Speaker: Valerie Rosoux, by Mariam Farida, Lebanon & Australia As part of the IPSI symposium we have learned about conflicts and conflict resolutions. One of the main topics analysed were diagnosing conflicts, initiating mediation, and

It’s Sim Time!

Speaker: P.T. Hopmann, by Brian Sperling, United States After a few days discussing conflict analysis and prevention with Professor Hopmann, he and IPSI put us to work. Our task was to simulate an OSCE analysis

The Time is Ripe

Speaker: P. Terrance Hopmann, by Ann Diaz PhD (cand), Trinidad and Tobago W.I On July 23rd, the International Peace and Security Institute (IPSI) launched its 2016 Bologna Symposium on Conflict Prevention, Resolution and Reconciliation in

Welcome to Bologna!

Bologna Symposium Orientation by Cyril Walkes, Bahamas Monday 25th of July 2016 was a red letter day, as 40 future Peace leaders from around the world converged on the beautiful city of Bologna to begin