Can you reconcile without forgiving?

by Elissa Al Roumi, Lebanon  “What is forgiveness? Can you reconcile without forgiving?” this was the opening question of our last session after a four weeks Symposium. Robi Damelin stood there listening to our “scientific” [...]

Memory and Reconciliation

by Rachel Naguib, Egypt How can we forget violent conflicts that left us psychologically devastated and our feelings full of apprehension, relief, anger and lethargy? Memory is not only a product of the past, but [...]

At which point does the Security Council feel that military intervention in a crisis is necessary?

by Rose Julia Wanjiru, Kenya    The speaker of the day was Hon. Gareth Evans, an expert in state diplomacy from his experience as an Australian Foreign Minister and President and CEO of the International [...]

When “Divine Love” breaks common ground between Christians and Muslims

by Pierre Ahoure,  Côte d’Ivoire/Australia On Wednesday 15, and Thursday 16, July 2015, trainers Michael Shipler and Rajendra Mulmi coached the Peacemakers at the 2015 Bologna Symposium, to search for common ground during conflict prevention, [...]

The Peace Process Cycle and Managing a Mediation Process

by Alice Dean, Canada Dr. Joyce Neu, the Founder and Senior Associate of Facilitating Peace and a former Team Leader of United Nations’ Standby Team of Mediation experts, continued her lecture with us on Tuesday, [...]

Not all the pineapples look alike! A communication exercise with Joyce Neu

by Alejandra Pineda, Colombia  We had the privilege of starting the third week of the IPSI 2015 Bologna Symposium with a two-day training session on conflict resolution and women´s inclusion in peace processes with Dr. [...]

Pray the Devil Back to Hell…

by Leenat Jilani, Canada Yesterday our class had the great privilege of hearing from Joyce Neu, a conflict resolution specialist and the first team leader of United Nations’ Standby Team of Mediation Experts. However, it was [...]

The Right of Resistance

by Giovanna Maselli, Guatemala "Most of what we commonly call women’s history is actually the history of women’s roles in the development of nonviolent action.” –Pam Mcallister   Dr. Mary E. King opened today’s session [...]

Civil Resistance: Nonviolent Force for Change

by Kareem Bessisso, Palestine We began the day with Dr. Maciej Bartkowski who provided us with a thorough introduction to the origins and ideas that underlie the modern practice of civil resistance. The roots of [...]

Post Conflict Peace Building

by Carol Grojean, United States  In 1982 the danger of nuclear annihilation  seemed to have been eased but there were many other challenges going on in the world: Geopolitical corruption Religious Ideology Spheres of influence [...]

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